Company Overview

Leisure International has become one of, if not the go to company where indoor leisure facilities are concerned.  Starting back in 1996 as the first independent installation company were soon in high demand by all the manufacturers around at the time. They have become bar none the best in the field. In almost 30 years they have installed every kind of indoor play area ranging from soft play, trampoline parks and ninja warrior courses. 

The director Carl Powell says about their success "We've got where we are today because of how successfully we integrate with our clients. One complaint many customers have about leisure providers is that they can often produce poor quality products which don't fit the brief. This is because the quality is produced on site and not in the workshop, if your not on site week in, week out then you don't get the experience and the quality isn't there, each of our team members have spent literally thousands of hours on site".

Today Leisure International are going from strength to strength constantly building on their reputation of being a reliable trustworth partner always their to help.



Our Mission

  • Stay in business by being the best.
  • Maintain the highest quality product on the market.
  • Pass on savings to the customer whenever possible.
  • Be accomodating on site and always be professional.
  • Strictly adhere to Health and Safety practices on site.
  • Exceed the customers expectations.
  • Sustainability - think about the planet in all business dealings.