Revamp your tired system!

Leisure International have recently been asked to provide a concept design for an existing customer. The existing system is now several years old and although still in A1 condition the client has seen an opportunity to attract even more customers. To do this they plan to remove a small 'Baby Bounce' area which gets little use and replace it with a soft play structure. Having researched the industry and looked into what is available in the surrounding area, this will offer more variety to their many customers. 

​​Trampoline area with airbag, ninja warrior and soft play zone

Soft Play facilities are unique in that they always have new visitors year on year. When one age group out grows the soft play scene, often to become trampoline enthusiasts, there is always a new younger generations eager to enjoy to benefits of a soft play area.

A modification of this type is very simple to do. With trampolines being modular in nature, they can be easily removed creating space for other types of feature. New business owners in the leisure industry have discovered that by incorporating both trampolines, soft play, ninja warrior and other climbing features, they attract a wider demographic.

Above is our interpretation of the customers requirements. The first image shows the trampoline design we submitted with our original quote. The second image shows a modification where the idea was to introduce the soft play. This will effectively create a new attraction and pull in more crowds.